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MMercury's Messengers

09.01.201814 Min Read — In Scratch Theater

Two brilliant teens take the adventure of a lifetime when they get transported into their very own video game. Click here to purchase and download the script 💳 Place: Cambridge, MA; Ancient Rome…

BBabes on Farms

08.01.201818 Min Read — In Scratch Theater

A rag-tag group of actors have to put on a show and save a farm, all in one short summer. Inspired by the Mickey and Judy films and Summer Stock. This play is an homage to the Mickey and Judy backyard…

TThe Z-Party

01.01.20183 Min Read — In Scratch Theater

Come to the Z-Party! A totally normal, not full of zombies party that you should definitely come to. Written for an actor who suggested a show about zombies at a party. Click here to purchase and…