The Invasion

25.03.20181 Min Read — In Stories

Emma opened her eyes as the spacecraft started to shake. Just 24 hours earlier, she had been carefree, a typical teenage girl walking her little brother home from school. The anxious child had been crying, the other kids telling him that aliens had landed. Emma had assured the boy that aliens were not real, and the kids in school were just being mean. They were always picking on her brother, always telling him silly and sometimes scary things.

But when they had gotten home from their long walk, the neighborhood had been abandoned. The only things left were the televisions, blaring the news about the unwanted and unknown arrivals. Emma saw something - a figure, maybe a creature? She wasn't sure but she pushed her brother away and told him to run. Now she was in a cage, with no light, and no idea of where she was going.

As her world vibrated, she went to grab what she could but her wrists were in metal. A crack and a few bumps later, the spacecraft seemed to stop. Emma knew that wherever she was being taken to, this was her final moment alone. Quite possibly her final moment alive.

She thought of her brother, the goofy little boy she had so desperately tried to protect. She thought of her parents, the ones she had always teased gently and loved deeply. She thought of her home, her friends, her life. She was only seventeen.

A jiggle of the door and someone stepped through it. The lights started to turn on, slowly, as if they were concerned about her eyes. She thought about how she might fight, how she might run. But every limb was chained and her body was weak. She didn't know if it was chemical or from the flight, but she knew the moment this creature approached her, she would not be able to move of her own accord.

The figure got closer. Emma braced herself. The lights grew brighter, her eyes adjusted. The creature was an inch from the cage. It looked at her with what Emma thought to be curiosity. It stepped fully into the light, smiled, and said, "Hi there, I'm Bill. Welcome to Earth."