I'm Kelsey Oates. I work with seniors on their computers, I work as a communications designer, and I write things. Click on the category to find what you're looking for or enjoy browsing around.

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TThe Invasion

25.03.20181 Min Read — In Stories

Emma opened her eyes as the spacecraft started to shake. Just 24 hours earlier, she had been carefree, a typical teenage girl walking her little brother home from school. The anxious child had been…

MMercury's Messengers

09.01.201814 Min Read — In Scratch Theater

Two brilliant teens take the adventure of a lifetime when they get transported into their very own video game. Click here to purchase and download the script 💳 Place: Cambridge, MA; Ancient Rome…

BBabes on Farms

08.01.201818 Min Read — In Scratch Theater

A rag-tag group of actors have to put on a show and save a farm, all in one short summer. Inspired by the Mickey and Judy films and Summer Stock. This play is an homage to the Mickey and Judy backyard…

JJay Thebado Personal Training

07.01.20181 Min Read — In Web Design

Jay Thebado is one of the best personal trainers in the business, with a fun and friendly website to match. If you're in the greater Boston area and want to get fit, check out Jay's website and get in…

SSarah Sun and The Contest

06.01.201816 Min Read — In Books

Click here to purchase and download the eBook 💳 Chapter 1 Jess Hopkins B-Block English Mr. Carta Sarah stared at her bedroom wall. Special paint had turned it into an all-encompassing whiteboard…

GGMail Overview

04.01.20181 Min Read — In Computer Help

If you have a name@gmail.com email address, you have GMail. Here are some images of my GMail, with notes about what you're looking at. You can click here to download and print out these images…

GGoogle It

02.01.20181 Min Read — In Computer Help

Using the Google search bar can help you do so many things. In this quick overview, I show you how to "Google it". Click here to view the video on YouTube.

TThe Z-Party

01.01.20183 Min Read — In Scratch Theater

Come to the Z-Party! A totally normal, not full of zombies party that you should definitely come to. Written for an actor who suggested a show about zombies at a party. Click here to purchase and…