Scratch Theater

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Scratch Theater was a theater group for adolescents with special needs. I ran classes, workshops, and wrote plays specifically for the actors participating in the program.

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Short Plays

The Z-Party

Come to the Z-Party! A totally normal, not full of zombies party that you should definitely come to.

Everybody Loves Katie

A play written for my cousin, the eponymous Katie, for her birthday.

Life's a Zoo

Filming an animated movie about zoo animals can be tricky - especially when your nemeses arrive.

The Fighters

2 fighters. 1 ring. Who will win?

Techiya My World 2.0

International singing sensation Techiya must choose between her many suitors before a big concert.

The Soccer Game

When Faye and her friends set out to play a soccer game, mayhem ensues and she must save her friends' lives.

The Dojo

When some hooligans interrupt their karate practice, Faye must defend her friends and save the day.

Medium-Length Plays

Beiber Saves Canada

An attack on Canada. A concert in front of millions. What's a Canadian pop star to do?

Techiya Saves The World

When an evil dictator threatens to take over the world, only one 16-year-old can save it.

The Best Tea Party

When a group of travelers finds themselves at the same bed and breakfast, they notice that not everything is as it seems.

The Prom Party

Rival schools must attend the same prom. Fun and dancing ensues.

Long Plays

Babes on Farms

A rag-tag group of actors have to put on a show and save a farm, all in one short summer. Inspired by the Mickey and Judy films and Summer Stock.

Mercury's Messengers

Two brilliant teens take the adventure of a lifetime when they get transported into their very own video game.

The Deadline

Dorothy Dot must fight off a rival newspaperwoman to get the scoop of the day and save her career.

The Hungry Games

A super silly spoof of The Hunger Games.

The Debate

A heated election. A contentious debate. Who will win and rule the great nation of Candyland?