Homee + Insurance

Adding insurance to the Homee app.

0 - Project Overview

Project Details

Timeline: 3 Weeks

Teammates: Tom, Peter, Jason

My Roles: Project Manager

Problem Statement

Users of the Homee app need general liability insurance (GLI).

Solution Statement

Create entry points in the Homee app where users can purchase GLI.

1 - Research

Meeting the Client

We started by meeting our client, a national insurance company. We asked our questions and they generously provided us with numerous materials. After the introduction ended, we got to work.

The Homee app

We studied the Homee app to look for points of entry. We quickly identified the sign-up flow as a potential set of entry points.

Homee's original sign-up screens

Competitive Analysis

Jason worked on a comprehensive competitive analysis. He found that most home service provider apps did not mention insurance, that many of the apps strove to create a sense of community, and that they wanted purchasing insurance to be approachable.

Our competitive analysis.

2 - User Research + Personas

User Research

While Jason was investigating the app and its competitors, Tom, Peter, and I reached out to potential users for interviews. We found a few key similarities and put together the personas.


Bill! Photo by David Siglin on Unsplash

Bill is a 62 year old handyman who has been in the game for forty years. He learned how to fix things when he was a boy and after a stint at community college, he followed his passion and established Sullivan and Sons. He did not actually have a son at the time, but he thought it made him sound older and more experienced.

Times have changed for Bill. He and his wife had four children and after finally paying off their college tuition, Bill is looking forward to a relaxed semi-retirement. Since he wants to continue working but no longer wants to put in the effort to market himself, he has decided to join the Homee app.

When it comes to insurance, Bill's not only got *a* guy, Bill's got *the* guy. They've been friends for fifty years and since their kids were little, their families have gone on a yearly vacation to New Hampshire. Now that the kids are older, Bill, Dave, Mary, and Karen get together more frequently for weekend trips and Saturday nights at the local wine bar.

Because Bill is so close with Dave, he would never seek out a new agent. Even if you presented him with savings of five hundred dollars, he would always put friendship first. When Bill signs up to the Homee app, he wants to simply import his existing insurance and manage it from the app.

Matt! Photo by Mason Wilkes on Unsplash


Matt is a 30-year-old plumber who also has skills as a general handyman.

For the past few years, Matt has been apprenticing for his boss, Bill. Now that Bill is reducing his workload, Matt has decided to launch his own business. Because Matt has skills and wants to keep his costs down, he decides to advertise in the local paper as well as sign up for the Homee app.

Matt has never had to think about insurance, but he talked to Bill and got some suggestions for numbers. Matt wants to keep his costs down and does not care who his agent is. Matt also would like to do this quickly and without making any phone calls if possible. The faster the better and price is his only concern.

Matt wants to use the Homee app as a one-stop shop for all his business needs. He wants to obtain insurance as well as to manage it, all in-app.

3 - Designing and Iterating

Sketch Studio

After splitting for the competitive analysis and user research, we came back together for a sketch studio. We generated sketches individually and then synthesized them as a team.

We wanted a quote flow and a management flow.

Usability Testing

We brought our low and medium fidelity wireframes out for testing. The primary paiin point was with the social security number requirement. Most users balked at the requirement, so for an iteration, we removed the prompt from the flow. It was required in the existing app, but we were losing focus during testing.

We wanted a quote flow and a management flow.

4 - The Prototype and Next Steps

The Digital Prototype

Our quote flow.

Digital Prototype

Next Steps

After presenting our quote flow, we received feedback on the wording of the app's relationship with the insurance. In future iterations, we would adjust the language for real-world accuracy.